Many thanks to Leslie, WA4EEZ for sharing her method of Collecting the GAPA Awards.

She says:----  The method I use to save/display the sheets works for me, so thought I would share it with our Awards collectors.  Until you complete a full sheet, it is difficult to display them on the wall in a frame, so here's what I do --

1.   Purchase a 2-inch  3 Ring notebook binder

2.   Obtain  a package or two of stamp hinges--available at office supply stores, some drugstores or check the internet.

3.  Get a package of 3 ring sheet protectors--

  Just slip your new GAPA sheet (MIX US for example)  into a sheet protector, and place in the notebook--as you obtain  new bars, just slip that sheet out, add the new bars, using your stamp hinges to hold them in place, and return the sheet to the notebook.  For the US sheets I alphabetized the states in the spaces-lightly in pencil, and filled them in with the bars as I completed the state.

If you wish to frame the sheet and display it on the wall, you could do that once the sheet has been completed. However it does take several sheets to complete the Mix US award, and QUITE a few for DX  as you continue on in the program.
You could run out of wall space rather quickly!   I have found that the notebook method works well, and I can take it to my club and share the joy. 

  Whatever you decide I know you will enjoy the quest, as quite a few of us do!