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Comments and Accolades received from Radio Armatures World Wide.
Name Callsign Comments
Hugo Noordhoek PA3GAE I have received the awards in good order. These are very nice awards! Thanks. 73, Hugo, PA3GAE.
Rich Kennedy K3VAT
I received beautiful GAPA Bars and Stickers today!! Thanks for the extra-special care on the artwork.
Hugo Noordhoek PA3GAE I like the awards very much. Hugo, PA3GAE ~ Thanks Hugo for fb accolades ~
Rich Kennedy K3VAT The Dutch Award is fantastic!!  Excellent artwork and layout.  I'm proud to have earned this award. 
Leslie Johnson WA4EEZ Got my last batch of stickers and sheets all OK... Enjoying them all. :-)
Joao Lima CU3AA The Basic Award is beautiful and now I need to check my logs again to get the endorsements needed. :-)
Joao Lima CU3AA Great program and great job you have been doing.
Leslie Johnson WA4EEZ I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoy the GAPA award program, the stickers and sheets are really outstanding
Rich Kennedy K3VAT Wow! checkout the slew of m/m QSL's from YU2AX seen below right. I'm especially happy about the Maritime Mobiles
Jim Poulette WQ2H ... on his email he added! "I’m actually learning a lot about geography – an added bonus of this program."
Jim Matthews AD5ZA As always, they look outstanding . Thanks for the excellent job.
Hugo Noordhoek PA3GAE Perfect Shipment of the 2 envelopes and The Russian awards look very nice!
Venca Nemecek OKL007 This appeared in swl.czechian.net.  GAPA  Diploma Program Hi guys, I know that you drive digital kinds of traffic, so I would like to draw your attention to the GAPA diploma program. This extensive project appealed to me, so I applied for a diploma "BASIC", which is mandatory and is a mix of fashion, plus stickers beyond the bands 160, 40, 30, 17, 15, 12 and 6m, all operating FT8 (FT4).
I have fulfilled the 80m and 60m bands and I will send it to him soon. The only band I haven't met yet is 10m. And then I'll have a sticker for all "WAB" bands. Another thing is the continents, so far I have asked for the EU and AS, the rest I have not yet confirmed eQSL.
Other diplomas are for DXCC countries, and others for prefixes. The advantage is that QSLs are not sent ANYWHERE, just confirmed eQSL, LoTW, CLUB log, etc. Everything is done by email, and Ernie WM2U handles it quickly, and if you make it easier for him, like me, with a clear spreadsheet in Excel, it's a matter of 1-2 days. And the price of diplomas ? Ridiculous, I sent him $30, and he told me that I had an overpayment of $15 for all this, and that includes postage from the US. And most importantly!! It's also for SWL! Under the same conditions. Here is the link, and let me know how you like it.
http://www.gapawards.com/ 73! Venca OKL007 / OK1RH
Jim Matthews AD5ZA
I am pleased, as always, with the appearance and quality of the awards.
Luck Hurder WA4STO I remain astounded at the huge number of certificates, stickers, etc that can be claimed.  Fun!. As always, they’re fabulous.

Here is the photo of well-known and accomplished international DX'er
John Kanode, N4MM, left, receiving his GAPAward Basic Certificate with
Endorsements from Bill, KK8E.   Tnx Rich, K3VAT for this.

Here are 22 QSL cards confirming 99 of my QSOs with a single Marine Mobile Station, YU2AX