GAPA, Amateur Radio Digital Awards

This is the "Basic Requirement". It is where it starts.
Before any other certificate or BAR can be claimed you must hold the relevant Basic.
A "sticker expansion sheet" is available to stamp collectors

This award is available in various mode-specific variants: RTTY, HELL, SSTV, Throb, MT63, JTx and PSK. (Regardless of method of generation, CW is not considered a valid mode for this award.) Please note that all the sub modes of these various modes are included in the parent mode, ie. PSK includes BPSK, QPSK, PSK63, PSK10 etc., and JTx includes all JT variants. Each mode has its own particular number of required grid squares for the Basic Requirement, as noted in the table. If you feel that you qualify for a non-listed digital mode, please request that we review your information.